Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My little Splurge

Friday night I went out to dinner with Mr. Ruby Sue and a few other couples. After being seated I looked up at the waitress and she had bright orange eye shadow- it was so pretty that when I got home I went to Sephora.com and found my own Make Up For Ever.

I didn't order just one. I ordered Orange, Red, Emerald Green and Purple for a smashing bright pop on the eyes.
Then I ordered my ultimate favorite Urban Decay eye primer which holds your eyeshadow all day for a creaseless look.
I also remembered trying Judy's SPF on a brush and how nice that was, so I threw that in my
basket as well. I will post a picture in the near future when I try out the eye shadow. I can't wait!!
As you know I love color.

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