Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pretty or Not so Pretty? New Miss Ruby Sue

I'm so pretty. Now say it 10 times.

Have you ever looked at your profile? I mean really? I was shocked when I saw myself. For the first time. Does my neck really look like that? Is my pony that scrawny? Ewwww. I never would have done this but I had a crazy idea to have Stephanie Fantasia- (isn't that a cute name?) do my silhouette. And you know, with a few tweeks and twists, she looks great. It's like a glorified me. Can you tell what changes we made? Guess.
Oh. And by the way. Has anyone had problems with grapheetee (how do you spell that?) in their family like me? Or is she just wierd. Madison wrote "I love Me' on the wall above my head. Hey, at least she feels good about herself!

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