Wednesday, February 24, 2010

befunky for beclutzes like me

I have discovered something to help all the rest of us who have absolutely NO CLUE how to use photoshop- Heck, I can't even afford the program let alone USE it. So once again, my girls teach me something new....let me introduce

Upload a photo.
Pick an application - save and.....
Tada. done. easy. peasie.

plaine jane

Stenciler 1

Grunge 3

plain jane

                                                                Cartoonize 2  (my favorite)

plaine jane

can't remember...sorry :)

plain jane

Motion 1

plain jane

Pinhole 1

You are going to LOVE it! I do!


Anonymous said...

Those stockings are ADORABLE.

Mandy Buntjer said...

Ok Lori~ Where did you gut those DARLING tights??
{Hoop-La earrings}

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