Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'd never show this to anyone.....

All right. I confess. I have my ugly days. And I definitely would NOT post these on the WEB. I honestly haven't always been beautiful. ( you know I'm being sarcastic) And I've had my share of ugly days.
Even if you have colored, curled, dyed, chopped, stacked, whacked, even added extensions.You're still ugly.  Although I spent $150.00 on clip ins and they are still in my bottom drawer.
Anyway, did I miss anything? Oh - back to ugly..

Here is what I could find as proof....

Ok. Not sooooo bad.  pause.  Chopped bangs. Thinned hair. Did I mention I have really thick hair? I mean really thick. So I thin it. A lot.  But the bangs were fun and no one. I mean no one dared to try this.
I think I know why.

Oh my gosh. Gag me. I had a client want a picture of this hairpiece on a model. Boy do I make a bad model. That's why you don't see me modeling. I didn't make the sale.
Now we're going from bad to worse. Camping, bike riding, sleeping in the trailor, and that's what you get. Ugly hair and morning breath.
Here she comes..... Miss America.......

I should be greatful I'm not this ugly. Although I can be a close runner up.
Hair products ladies....clap clap.....hair products!

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