Monday, February 8, 2010


I happened to find this adorable wooden shop on etsy, and I know this store will be big someday -HUGE- by the way I wanted to spend $300.00 having her create all 6 members of my family looking like these.
Can't you picture the manger scene with her touch?  HELLO HALLMARK! I think I love her work so much because it reminded me of the time I spent in  the shop cutting wood and painting it while living in Richfield.
She makes animals, people, trees, and beautfiul things. I loe the simplicity and pureness of her work.

I need a Chad, Lori, Kimball, Madison, Rilee and Kyler , pretty please!

Love little birdies.....

I'd love to tell the story "Goldilocks and the 3 Bears" with these guys.

I thought of my nephew Matt- he'd love the bright colors......

Is anyone getting married?

If you'd like to purchase from this adorable mother, creator and wife, please visit her shop at 

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