Monday, March 1, 2010

she's all that

I was inspired to do something out of the ordinary when watching which is really cool to watch with your husband. I'm kidding. That's like shopping with him. Totally Boring.
 This is a pony with a twist. A few bobby pins, rubber bands, and hairspray. It's easy!

I tried a little eyeliner. I haven't bought eyeliner in a long time.
I felt like an egyptian princess...

I added a really fun feather clip from

A great  accessorie for a really bright pop on your head

And don't forget to add a bright pair of Anthropologie shoes to finish the look. I like to repeat the bright color 2-3 times in my outfits.
Let me tell you, Church was Rocking in Red!
Folks, I take my Sundays Seriously. It's the only day I really 'dress-up'

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