Monday, May 24, 2010


There's over 2,000 of you out there (yes. really) who own a Miss Ruby Sue and I want to see your pretty faces!

over the course of time we have been in business, we have been really lucky to have so many lovely ladies send us photos of themselves in their Miss Ruby Sues'. we have become, well, sorta greedy. we want to see more pretty faces. we want to blog about it, tweet about it and post the pics on our website, too.

so this is what we are looking for:

super cute photos of you in your Miss Ruby Sue (=adorable . . . duh!) your name and any fun facts about what you and your Miss Ruby Sue did together (got married, celebrated new year's, met a cute boy!) --any links of interest. your website, blog, anything that you think the other Miss Ruby Sue  fans would want to know. we can't promise we'll use it all, but the more info the better!

ps. in honor of our request, today's monday=funday coupon code is "prettyface" the first 3 pretty faces to enter it at checkout will receive $15 off of any one piece in our Miss Ruby Sue collection. and as always, the offer ends at midnight.

submist photos to


BabyPop said...

I so love the pictures.. you look fab!!

manda baker said...

You are seriously GORGEOUS!
I adore your work, so creative.
I found you on facebook a few weeks ago and I fell in love!
I am so glad I found your blog as well as your shop (:

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