Friday, May 28, 2010

Share A Store Friday

I was scouring thru my favorite etsy items and smiled to see KatrinaKaye at  in my Etsy Shop,
and found my very first favorite item--

 This shop soooo inspired me to love and seek beautiful fabrics... I even made a bunch. (I still have them in a box under my work table)
I wasn't successful in doing the bag thing, but I found my own way and discovered my own passion for hair accessories.  Thank you Katrina for inspiring me to open my own store, and to appreciate beautiful vintage fabric!

1 comment:

Katrina Kaye said...

Wow! I was googling my name for any new blog mentions or articles (as you do...) and just found this! Thanks so much, It's an honour to have inspired! :) That fabric was one of my favourite fabrics ever.

Love your shop! :)


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