Friday, November 11, 2011

My wish list......and growing

I've never really put together a wish list before. Perhaps the last time was when I was about 5 years old. Maybe it's because I don't make the time to sit and think about what I"d like. But I'm completely bored with the weather  turning cold and snowy and so I decided to sit down and make my OFFICIAL LIST for 2011                                                  
I've gotta smell good and look good at all times!

                                                           Burberry Perfume Yumm Yumm! 
                       I recieved a sample in TEEN Magazine and fell in love instantly! 
                                                                 And No. I'm not a                                                                 
                                                       teen. but I pretend to be one at home.


                                Hutton trouser in Silk Faille by JCrew   (350.00 I might add) 

                    I love the sheen on these gorgeous pants, and talk about dressing up a t-shirt! Sexy! I definitely would look hot going to the post office to ship my boxes!

                          Crystal Brulee bracelet by JCrew. Wouldn't this look great with the pants above? I love the               chunky somewhat candy look to this grown up version of little girl charm decor!

                                     Key Lime Cake Tissue box by TWINKIECHAN

Wouldn't everyone love a little Kleenex box in her room looking like a slice of PIE? This idea is Genious!

Gold Bunnies Bracelet by IADORNU
I would love to put 4 little bunnies with my childrens initials on them. I just loved the idea and hearted practically every item in their store! You need to check out her jewelry- it's so unique-and she sells to MODcloth!


Matryoshkas Earrings by FINEDOLLYLOLLY
So unique Right?

And more earrings. I really do have simple taste!
Verry Cherry Earrings from ParisienneGirl

ShopRuche's Train Stop 15 Adorable Dress! 

And to top off my simple taste-----
Last but not least, one of these please!

I hope you all have fun making your own wish list for the holidays! I did- and I know I'll at least get ONE item under the tree!

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