Monday, January 30, 2012

Business 101 When to ask for help

Photo Courtesy of bendoverboy

Years ago, I knew I needed help when I said to Chad- I have GOT to have better pictures! I need a photographer!

Well, that dialog has developed into: " I have GOT to get someone to help me do Facebook. I need help with Twitter! I need someone to just sit and PIN my business! I need someone to answer emails! I need someone to edit all my bad spelling, and clean up my Etsy shop! I NEED HELP- I JUST CAN'T DO IT ALL! And if you are on the computer you aren't working, which means you have clients that don't have their packages yet, and if you're working, your not answering those emails or corresponding with your clients online. Such a headache don't you agree?
I finally got someone to help me, actually several people. I am fabulous at building hairpieces and decorating your hair, however, I really stink at doing everything else, and frankly I don't have time. So I hired a virtual assistant to help me run my Facebook, and she also helps with my Twittering. Then I hired 2 amazing graphic artists to help me with designing adds and banners, the other girl is redesigning my blog. I also have another great girl cleaning up my spelling in my Etsy shop, email marketing, pinning my products, and soon to be a guest contributor on my blog.
There really is so much to do, and you can't do it by yourself. I am so blessed to have an amazing team of girls who LOve my product as much as I do, and believe in my company. They also tell me the brutal truth when I need it. 

Is it time to gather up a team to help? Are you going crazy doing this all by yourself?  
You can start with the people around you. Take a minute to think about this next thing I'm going to tell you- do you have a client that is so crazy about your product that she's a returning customer on a weekly basis? Do you have a Fb follower that always posts on your page saying how great you are? Do you notice the fans who are first to say goodmorning?  
There are your employees! There is your pool of potential team members! Don't just sell to them, HIRE them!
Can't afford to? These girls love your product and YOU so much they'd probably love to do a trade with you. 
As you gather a team of enthusiatic friends who believe in you and your product, the work load becomes lighter, and who knows- you may even smile a litte bit more. Plus who wants to work alone anyways?
See you soon!


Janelle said...

This is a GREAT idea! Thanks- I feel the same way you do about needing some assistants.

Carrie Smith said...

I liked all the Vendors and I also Shared the Giveaway on my Personal and Business page! THank you

Jessica Buhr said...

Great idea:) Great prizes, crossing my fingers!!

Embracing Moments by Jael said...

I liked all the vendors

Embracing Moments by Jael said...


Embracing Moments by Jael said...

Love this item

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