Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lets Get Dressed!

I decided to do something fun. I'm going to dress you. And I'm going to start with this yummy little number from yystudio
It's a little pricey, ($98.00 for the top, $98.60 for the skirt)-shut- up. Just buy one at a time.
 but man I love the uniqe sleeves, ruffles and lace.
As far as the skirt goes, YUMMY! High waisted, mod flowers in a 60's style is absolutely
goose-bump gorgeous.

What's that? You don't have shoes to match? Whatever you do, DO NOT touch the brown leather slip ons' you've had for 10 years. Get rid of them. Now.
May I suggest  pulling the turqoise out in these delicious retro/vintage heels made by poetic license. I bought mine at The Buckle for about $90.00. Did I tell you how much I love them?
(And check out the hot pink sole!)

If you're scared of heels, try some amazing flats.
I love -lOveLOveLOVE these little jewels.( I have Rocket Dogs in Yellow.)
You can find these atJourney's
for 30.00 bucks. I think that is a great price for a shoe you can wear Anywhere. They're a great alternate when you feel like wearing the skirt but not the heels. Especially if you have to walk up to the microphone to sing, or pray in front of your congregation. It's hard enough to just get up there. Make it easy and wear flats.
(one of my secret tricks)
Or, buy these cute little things that will work with jeans, or
this outfit I chose for you.
These are also at Journeys' - just click on the link above.
Just shut up and wear them.
Forget about what you think people are thinking about you. Because whatever you think they're thinking, you'll always be wrong!

Oh, and don't forget your hair.
You'll have to train yourself to put an accessorie on.
Try this--
Just wear it.
And yes, I must disclose to my readers I was paid by Miss Ruby Sue to make this post about her fabulous accessories.

1 comment:

debi said...

The only reason I don't like being old is because of all the beautiful clothes that are around now and I can't wear them!!!!!LOL!

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