Monday, March 29, 2010

My favorite things....

Etsy featured a wonderful shop on their Front Page
(it's comparable to being on Oprah...ya, it's that big)
and since she makes mini clay cupcakes and desserts by hand, I just had to post her success here.
I'd really like to buy a few pairs for myself . Since I don't eat them, I can still wear them right?

I just love the detail and can't believe they are handmade....I mean really, when's the last time you saw something like this that didn't come from China.

For all you hot dog lovers. Only if they're roasted over the fire.

Awwww, look how cute!

Fresh batch of cookies anyone?

Check out her Etsy store ladies! I mean think of your husband nibbling on your ears instead of your nerves!


bBchronicles said...

Ohhhh honey-buns, NONE of your pictures will load - just has (?) mark where each photo should go!!!??? Darn.

GKB said...

love Dalim's creations! she does have great pics! what a lovely blog you have!!

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