Monday, October 4, 2010


Many of you know I attended the fabulous SPARK event in Lindon Utah.

 I had never heard of Lindon, but it's a little bedroom, or rather armpit community of American Fork.  I was prepared for the event, but blown away at how beautiful and organized the whole event was. I mean, there was bikes, paper, chandeliers hanging from a rather tall ceiling.
I got to teach mini classes to 200 creative women how I make my fabulous ruffles that only I know how to do- now 200 ladies know my secret!
Thanks to Lizzy Kartchner, Margie Romney, and Rhonna Farrer for the invitation. I hope I get to come back next year. And my new friend Jefra Star who shot these amazing pics- It was sooo fun you guys! I wish I lived closer! you've gotta take a second to check these girls out-

And,....I got to hug and share a headband with Mindy Gledhill- my favorite Indie singer-songwriter!

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Anonymous said...

Ha, hey, no dissing on my hometown's neighbor! Never knew you were visiting... hrm, I'm a bit disappointed now.

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