Sunday, November 14, 2010


 Many of you, my sweet friends, knew I was headed to Utah's  DAYBREAK new shopping district on SoDa Row. And ladies, I'm sorry to say but Rexburg wouldn't know what to do with all the fantastic artisians, crafters and creative women. Now I know, we have a lot of great women here. But I'm not talking about crocheted pot holders. But before I show you the other fabulous retailers, (that will be coming soon)I'll talk about Miss Ruby Sue first. Thanks to Cassie who lent me the bird cage, mirror  and night stand, Natalie for the chandelier (you did have a few offers on the light!) . I set up Tuesday night, drove home, then came back saturday. (Yes, I was tired from sitting on my but four hours, however I read Glen Becks "Overton Window" down and back. Awesome! Reading is such a luxury! )

I call this  hairpiece the Big Bird. She was very fun to make. I also threw in a few necklaces. I happen to love the bow tie on pom poms. I guess everyone else liked those too.  Towards the end of preparation, I had a headband hangover. Literally. Come on, 125 headbands! Gesh!

I'll be posting about some new friends I made so check back soon!

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