Thursday, November 18, 2010

the r house couture

So I was telling you about all the neat sellers at OH SWEET SADIE!.
r house couture  I just have to brag about.
I had seen this picture on their  blog and was having a paticular hard day and thought- "hmph- I need that necklace !" I have said this to myself before, and now I'm going to wear it. Then later after purchasing it, I found out they were right next to me at the boutique--Small world.
After 4 days of manning their booth (ok, and mine too) the 3 of them had some pretty funny stories about the response ladies had wearing my pieces and looking in the mirror. I also had a chance to talk to them and found out they really love their work, and their clients love them.

I think their 'about us' from their Etsy site says it best, so the rest of this post will be in their words...

who is the r house couture?

the r house couture is a group of three dear friends. we were brought together through our passion for adoption.

lindsey redfern is a wife, mommy and adoption blogger at where she writes as mrs. r. a wild-spirited idea thrower-outer, mrs. r dreamed of creating a shop especially for those touched by adoption. she brought the dream to her friends kim orlandini and leisha kelsey during a late night craft get-together and it snowballed from there. lindsey is hilarious, quirky and enjoys french fries more than she should. she is an avid writer and loves to create messy art. she has a soft spot for her blog readers--the greatest group of internet friends a girl could ask for.

kim orlandini of simply me, also known as sensei on lindsey's blog, is a wife, mommy, former nail tech (aka resident silver filer) and professional photographer. she has taught photography lessons for years to students who thrive in her hands-on teaching style--including lindsey and leisha. that's why we call her sensei. her love of simplicity and her endless photography talents and knowledge give life to the r house couture. kim is the nicest person you will ever meet while still being irreverent. she loves a good cupcake and has a special gift for being able to find anything for us on the internet. anything.

leisha kelsey, also known as muse on lindsey's blog, is a wife, mommy, photographer and graphic designer. she can often be found rolling her eyes at kim and lindsey's antics. known for her missing sketch book and extensive list making, leisha keeps the r house couture on task. she is our resident perfectionist and does all of our design work in that energizer bunny-like mind of hers. being around leisha is a treat especially if you get her laughing around 1:47 am. she brings out the creative best in all of us. that's why we call her muse. leisha is classic and can always be found with makeup and jewelry on. she is a wonderful cook and a lover of diet dr. pepper.

thanks ladies! I love my necklace!

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kimsueellen said...

I love you. That is what I say! I hope we can always be best booth friends! You are so inspiring. xoxo

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