Friday, December 10, 2010

Ruby Randomness

Do any of you have a favorite neighbor? I sure do! Meet Parker, a funny little blonde 6 years old who plays with my little guy. He comes into my Miss Ruby Sue studio and begs me to make hairpieces for his big sister Lauren. He's very thoughtful, smart, and adorable. My 15 year old Kimball even likes playing with him.

There weren't any children waiting in line to sit on this guys lap so I took a second to whisper in his ear. I'd highly encourage any 37 year old to try it. What did I ask for? I asked for a million bucks. I've been asking that since I was 16, and I still haven't gotten it. I  must still be really naughty after all these years. Not much has changed has it?

Life is good.
Ho. ho. Ho.
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Meredith said...

i haven't seen Santa AT ALL this season!! jealous! PS: i love your hair. i need to do something with mine. can you say boring?? i would except my hair is screaming it for me already ;)

Cassie said...

That santa is pretty fabulous!

I second the request for a million dollars. One of these times santa has got to come through right?

Just found your blog, excited to follow!

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