Friday, January 21, 2011

A World of Wishes Awaits....

I came upon these hidden little treasures from long ago. Well, maybe just 2 years ago during the Hiatis (I'm too far away from spell check. Sorry) of Miss Ruby Sue. I mean we're talking 60 orders A DAY! So I hired some great little elves and I taught them to rip, roll, sew and glue.

 And these guys were free. (the kids)
Actually it cost me a few Dairy Queens when they were done. Complaining.

If you've ever touched Dupioni silk it is beautiful, and when you rip it, it has a glorious rrrriiiiiiiIIIIIPPPPPPP sound effect. I used to make my kids rip yards and yards of this stuff to help me be quicker at my orders. And it did help. But now, I leave it unripped and folded where I can see it all pretty.
I have been so very, very blessed.  I never realized that my little dream of being 'something' would really come true.  NOw don't take me wrong here- I'm a V.I.P. at home, but I wondered if I could make it out there on my creativity alone and have someone pay for my services. Guess what?
Hard work, Prayer and a little bit of fabric go along way!
For anyone one of my great clients, friends or followers, YOU CAN DO IT! You can tap into your talents. If you're going to make something, make it bigger, better than anyone elses. I love it when someone says 'What is that?"....
Don't give up on yourself. Believe me. I'd have my days. But you just keep going.

Now get out there and do something!

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Lisa said...

I want to be just like you when I grow up! Too bad I'm already way older! I think you're amazingly talented!

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