Saturday, January 22, 2011

M y B F F's and Birthdays

Over the river and thru the woods, to grandmother's house, we went. With Kimball, Rilee and Kyler loaded in 'the wagon' we cheerfully (Not really. Grouchy teenagers make big party pooopers) traveled the 3 miles to the Birthday Girls Bash.

My mom is the coolest little thing. Can you believe, we are only 20 years apart? That is so, like-- we could be friends with each other. It's not that far apart. I discovered she likes clothes and accessories. (as much as I do. We should never, EVVVVVer be allowed to shop with each other. Soooo, I found her a lovely scarf at Forever21,  purple leather belt and grey poka dot tights from the wonderful ModCloth, and she loooved it.

She's like 5'2" and I'm like 5'5. And I'm the shortest kid in the family. I always like to tell people that. It makes me feel better about myself.
We didn't want to hog the camera so we let Rilee in. She's my baby girl. (big baby girl)

And then Rilee and I tried some poses. Why is it that when the camer is off, you can come up with the silliest faces. But when the camera is on?        "Uhhhhh, what should we do Rilee?"

oh and that little guy? He's the REAL baby in the family. He. is. a little. nut.

But really, my mom, I think, is probably the most patient, loving, FORGIVING, nurturing person I have in my life. She has praised the uppps, and lended an ear when I've been down. She has helped me clean my house when I was so busy I just couldn't and wouldn't do it. I  She is proud of me and what I have accomplished, she has offered sound advice when I've needed it. And you know what? She doesn't tell me what to do. She just listens. I really like that.

Janet Sue Holyoak Wright.
That's my mom.
That's my friend.
I love you mom
happy birthday
kiss kiss. hug hug.

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