Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here comes the bride

I love weddings, and I love custom weddings especially. It means a great deal to me when I have a young girl come to me, completely trusting me to make her gorgeous on the most important day of her life. It involves a lot of trust, and I take it very seriously.
This custom order was for a Miss Ruby Sue fan, who loved ivory, red and turqouise.   I created this look by taking one of my very favorite vintage shirts and cutting flowers, then tricot to offset the texture of the fraying cotton, then miraculously as I was digging thru my red box ( my organizers are color coded) I came upon these beautiful vintage beaded poinsettas that are circa 1930's, and blue/white beaded leaves circa 1940's. What an amazing piece this turned out to be- truely one of a kind, just like every bride.
That's why Miss Ruby Sue weddings are so unique- you'll never, EVER see another girl wearing your piece. And they can be handed down to their own daughter. I just love that idea.

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