Monday, February 28, 2011


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Last week, February 24, 2001 to be exact,  I launched my first line of doggie accessories at Miss Ruby Sue . It may not mean much to the average person, (although I hope it does make you want one for your little pup).
For 2 years, I day dreamed about a line of doggon cute accessories for doggies. I had a picture in my studio of a little dog with flowers on her color, ripped out of The Knot Magazine, and I knew I could do it so much better. Then I got busy with so many other things, and the idea got pushed into the dark cobwebs of my brain. Then in January, I was approached by the lovely Ria to photograph my work. When I visited her website, and seeing her beautiful work on children, and dogs, I knew it was the right time.
Believe me, I did my homework;  I googled dog hairpieces, did Etsy searches, perused thru popular doggie shops, and couldn't find a darn thing, ( which is very good for me) and that's what convinced  Miss Ruby Sue to make her move. I hope you all love them, and pass this along to your animal loving friends. Heck, they'd even look good on cats....or kids.....
But I'm so happy to introduce you to Ria, and my new line. Please check it out, and I'd love to hear from you!

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sheena said...

i'm not a dog owner. and not that much of a dog lover. but i think you just may have changed my mind about both!

gosh those are adorable!

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