Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stop, drop and Hold

Kyler, my 5 year old, is a huge part of my day. 5 years old, everyone else is in Kindergarten except him. Which leaves us together all day long. I'm too lazy to put him in preschool (I'll just be open here)
We started this day out like any other kid...,

3 pieces of soft white bread, peanut butter, mini chocolate kisses, and halloween sprinkles. The other day,when I was feeling especially crazy and going out of my mind, little guy really wanted to help me sort the new feathers that arrived and we made a game out of it. It's called "match -the- feathers -to - the- bin" . That was actually kind of fun!

 (do you see my entire studio in dissarray?"

Sometimes just taking a pause from work is refreshing.
Afterwards, we made cookies, read a book, and then play-time with the neighbor.

And being the only one home,Kyler just happens to be my unfortunate model when I need a head. I bribed him to hold still.
Not bad!

Remember when your kids are climbing ontop of you and you're trying to get something done, to
drop what your doing
and hold your little baby-
they don't stay little forever
even though it may feel like it.

1 comment:

ha said...

OH my gosh. As a busy work at home mommy myself, this almost made me cry.....ALMOST, until I looked up and saw your little boy wearing that head piece, then I started to laugh a little:)

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