Thursday, May 19, 2011

MRS welcomes Becca from BlueCricketDesign

First of all,  before I tell you about some REALLY exciting news, I am overwhelmed by the response from all of you wonderful chicas from FB who listed their favorite color combinations- over 150! That make it sooooo hard to pick a winner- sooo....... I decided to do a top 10. Ya. Really. The colors were that good. So that means 10 of you awesome ladies get to have a free headband, and your headband named after you and photographed beautifully for you to brag to all of YOUR friends!!! I will post June 16 who the top winners are!
Next, I am so happy to announce that MRS is bringing the beautiful and talented Becca from BlueCricketDesign on board to help bring a little more pizzaz and excitement to the studio and all of you! She has over 5,000 followers on her amazing Blog, and really knows how to work social media, Twitter, and FB. (which ironically I really SUCK at) She has the neatest ideas, is super crafty, and a great person and mom. Check, Check, CHECK!

(don't you love my screen shots?)
That means more giveaways for you, more great ways to share the secret about Miss Ruby Sue, and fun ways to be involved in the designing process of THE most gorgeous headbands on the planet. (Well, I think so anyway)
So come on board, and watch the fun barometer rise as we kick up the summer heat!
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