Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photographer Packages

Things are just crazy in the studio, and if that isn't enough, I wanted to put out a special sale for my wonderful photographers! After several requests, I've come up with what I hope to be a great deal for you!
For my beginner photographers, or those who have never tried Miss Ruby Sue in their studio before, I have the "TRY  It"  package 20% discount, which includes
1-2  pieces of your choice. Maybe your not sure if the price is worth it, or perhaps you aren't used to over the top hairpieces in your photography shots, and you're not ready to take the plunge yet.

Then we have the "LIKE It" package, 30% discount, which includes 3-5 pieces of your choice, for those who have tried Miss Ruby Sue before, liked them, and are ready to come back and add to their collection because they really rocked the shot- and they found how much their clients Loved their own photos.

Then we have the DELUXE package, "LOVE It" 40% discount, which includes a whopping 5+ package of your FAvorite FABulous pieces-- this is my wholesale price, so it Won't be any lower than that. This is for the photographer who has confindence and experience that Miss Ruby Sue hairpieces are definitely a worthy investment in their studio, and in their clients.

Here at Miss Ruby Sue, we believe that you are investing in the most beautiful, long lasting and well built accessories on the market today. Special Requests, and color changes are ALWAYS welcome at no extra charge.

Please email me at missrubysue@gmail.com for the special codes to activate your coupon.

Not a photographer? Thats' ok. You can have the discount code as well- because we are all Photographers at heart.

Miss Ruby Sue
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