Monday, June 20, 2011

And the GRAND WINNing Combination Goes to:

Congratulations Goes to Samantha Andrews for having the most FB Likes- 71! Good Job!Her color choice was Chocolate, Plum, Creme and Ivory. Samantha wins a $200.00 package at Miss Ruby Sue for her favorite pick of hair candyfrom the shop!  Thanks so much to all who voted for their friends, sisters, and daughters.  It was so much fun to see the participation and excitement! And don't worry if you didn't win, Miss Ruby Sue will have lots more of these fun contests, and prizes.

I just can't express how much I appreciate good and talented women who take the time to post their comments, compliments and good humor.  Especially gifted photographers like Ali Wood, (thank you so much!) and the beautiful little girls who truly capture the essence of youth and Miss Ruby Sue in it's entirety in each lovely photograph.

It's creative women that really inspire me with custom orders, ideas, and good will that have helped Miss Ruby Sue grow into a beautiful and thriving business today. Every single day I feel so greatful and excited to serve you as my friends, and my clients. It is a Miracle I can wake up each day and create something beautiful for girls of all ages, young and old alike that will last for many years, and is treasured all over the world by you- my wonderful Miss Ruby Sue fans.

Thank you so much!


shameggs said...

MRS you are so amazing and your talent is out of this world!! Your gorgeous work makes me smile! thanks for just being you~ you are the best;))))))

Anonymous said...

I like this site^-^

Anonymous said...

Yes, really.

Anonymous said...

Pleasant Post. This enter helped me in my school assignment. Thanks Alot

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