Monday, October 24, 2011

3rd Anniversary= 30% off ALL items!

Goodmorning to all my wonderful clients and friends! Today, if you don't know it is October 24. And 3 years ago today, I opened up an Etsy account under Miss Ruby Sue. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had a drive to make something work. I started it without my husbands support, depressed and a total mess emotionally. Work for my husband which was so successful years previously was literally dying right before our eyes. *2006-07*  I started with  a cute little headband, purses, and a few bags. And then I started to realize what it was I really liked after doing a million necklaces. I loved headbands. I really do. And from there, my story has a happy inbetween- oh this isn't over yet. NOt even.

a cute little circle handbag

a few trinkets I made

fabric scraps

My first headband

Now I started having fun.

What are my dreams?

I never want to quit. Ever. I will do this until the day I'm buried in a Tiffany Blue Casket.. *i'ts really cliche, but I love what I do and believe that as long as there are little girls being born into this world, Miss Ruby Sue will live forever in the hearts and on the heads of all  female creatures this side of heaven.
I could not have done this without good and loyal fans, family,  friends and clients who helped me to believe in my own creativity, and to design without any fear and follow my heart. That my friends, is a dream come true.
So here's 30% off good until Halloween to celebrate with me 3 AMAZING years.
The code is MISSRUBYSUE30
Enjoy the sale, and enjoy your special creations from Miss Ruby Sue!
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