Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fashion in Full Color

Now that Summer is gone (sniff sniff) and Fall is here, that means you're  pulling out pants from the back of the closet, and trying to figure out what fits and what doesn't.  ( Don't tell me I'm the only one)And I think dressing each morning should be fun. Yes. Really.
And how do you make dressing each day fun?   COLOR! Color on your pants, your shirts, shoes and especially your belts.
I start with the pants first.
If I had to wear regular blue jeans every single day I'd cry. So borring! So Spice it up!

Some of my ABSOLUTE fav's for fall, winter, spring and summer are these gorgeous Vintage Matchstick Cord beauties    from J.CREW  availble in 11 different colors! Hows that for color? I ordered the Vibrant Flame and Grafiti Green-and don't believe the old Wive's Tales about Cordoroys making you look fat. These are so soft and thin and add wonderful texture to your outfits.

One of the things I really like to do, even before I saw it featured on JCREW models was tucking my shirt right at the top of my pants- or where your belt buckle is. It's like a slouchy, "I know I look good and I don't care" attitude. I found that instead of people looking at my fabulous breasts, the eye is directed to the belt. (Another reason to wear a brite, off the wall belt. I know, right?) So if you have big boobs, tuck in your shirt- just in the front, and watch people divert their eyes to your belt instead. Or maybe you don't mind that. But Seriously try it. And don't you dare match it either. Or I will jump out of my computer and grab you!

Then yesterday I found these little beauties at JoesJeans. I gasped and went strait to the internet to find my favorite most favorite color--I call it 80''s flourescent yellow--


I'll take one of each of the Fabulous The 55 Colors . Just get you one great pair and alternate between your Jcrews and blue jeans.

I'm also really loving blouses. That word sounds soo old, and I hate eating crow, but now I'm wearing these light fluffy see-thru pieces.

Throw on a cute sweater that DOESN'T match.

Now I really want to stress this point I'm about to make. Don't worry about what other people think.You're probably wrong anyway.  If this is the first time you've made a deliberate attempt to be colorful you will be a little self- concious. But that will go away with the compliments that follow you around all day long.
. So wear some color, walk away from the mirror, and absorb the happy hormones that color gives you. 
Next time we chat I'll show you my shoes, and my belts. I'm sure you can't wait!

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