Monday, December 19, 2011

Daily Deals Dec. 19-24

Goodmorning to all of you! It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Idaho, and just a skiff of snow. It's really fine with me if we don't have a "White Christmas"! My kids do not share my anit-snow sentiments, but never the less, I can drive at a decent speed without worrying about hitting college students on my way to the post office.
Without further adeu, let's see what is on the menu for this weeks Daily Deals.

Fairy Dreams 50% 24 hours only Dec. 19

A Full Life 50% off 24 hours only Dec. 20

Kamille 50% off 24 hours only Dec. 21

Flash of Foliage 50% off 24 hours only Dec. 22

Belle of the Charity Ball 50% off 24 hours only Dec. 23

ONe Big GiNOrmous SurPRISE! Watch the blog and FB Dec. 24 for special Details You WON't Want to miss!!!!!!!
photo curtousy of my modern met

A different hand-picked MRS headband design will be discounted, EVERY DAY (except Sundays) from November 7 – December 31. MRS DAILY DEAL will only be good for that day, so check often.

Oh, and here’s another gift: enter coupon code* “DAILYDEALS“ to get free shipping every time you purchase MRS DAILY DEALS. You can take advantage of great savings every day, making holiday gift giving this year the easiest – most fashionable – MRS holiday ever.
I"ll give you a weeks preview of what's to go on sale- Tell me, now WHO does that? WE do- so you can plan your purchases and tell your friends! I'll post 6 items and their dates for Daily Deals each week right here and on our missrubysue FB
Ground shipping deliveries within U.S guaranteed to arrive by December 24 when placed before December 16. Expedited shipping for an additional fee is available through December 22.

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