Monday, December 26, 2011

Daily Deals Dec. 26- 31

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families! I enjoyed getting up at 7, and seeing my little 6 year old so excited for opening gifts. If it weren't for Kylers excitment, it'd be really quiet around our house. My 3 teens piled up on the couch and sorted their gifts, finally showing their enthusiasm! It was a beautiful day, spending an hour at Church, singing a solo, and later having my parents and brother over to spend the evening. It really isn't about gifts, it's about family, and I have Christmas every day when I have my family surrounding me.
Every night when I lay down on my soft bed and Company Store sheets, I thank my Heavenly Father for the wonderful people who support my business- for your friendship, your support, and your continued business. I am truely greatful!

This is the last week of Daily Deals, so I hope you enjoy these little goodies.
And I will also be intruducing a new line of products that are fun, and oh so colorful!
I know you're going to love these!
I love you all, and have a wonderful week!

Tyler 50% off 24 hours Dec. 26

Olivia 50% off 24 hours only Dec. 27

Pink Paisley 50% off 24 hours only Dec. 28

Eye-Catching Elegance 50% off 24 hours only Dec. 29

Loop-dee-Loop 50% off 24 hours only Dec. 30

                                 Complete Joy 50% off 24 hours only Dec. 31

A different hand-picked MRS headband design will be discounted, EVERY DAY (except Sundays) from November 7 – December 31. MRS DAILY DEAL will only be good for that day, so check often.

Oh, and here’s another gift: enter coupon code* “DAILYDEALS“ to get free shipping every time you purchase MRS DAILY DEALS. You can take advantage of great savings every day, making holiday gift giving this year the easiest – most fashionable – MRS holiday ever.
I"ll give you a weeks preview of what's to go on sale- Tell me, now WHO does that? WE do- so you can plan your purchases and tell your friends! I'll post 6 items and their dates for Daily Deals each week right here and on our missrubysue FB

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