Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to find success with your Business Idea

I have to chuckle whenever someone asks me this. In fact I've been dragging my feet writing this because I am definitely more creative than I am "Business Savy"- whatever your definition of that means.
Today finding success isn't just what you do with your hands and fabric, or paint, or wood, or yarn, it's how well you can use the Internet as well as your Craft,  such as Social Media- FB, Twitter, Blog, and now Pinterest to name a few.
Just to prove my idea with some of my own real statistics, and I mean REAL here,  (just so you can see it ain't all roses here) I am sharing this information with you to show you the power of the Internet and how it's going to affect your business sales, (and your happiness as well). Again, I am not an expert, but learned the old fashioned way of trial and error, which means a LOT of you will relate with me on this!
MRS (Miss Ruby Sue) began officially in Oct. 2008

STATS for the 3 months: 5 items sold

STATS for 2009-2010

Not bad for ZERO FB or other social media outlets- just lots of ETSY Treasuries, Popular Blogges and being featured on Good Morning America, and The View. (I was featured because I was a stay at home mom, making a few bucks with an online store on Etsy. I fit the story they were looking for)
But then after awhile, your fame is long forgotten, and your sales drop.

STATS for 2010-11
This is what happens when you don't use media AT ALL....

Now look what happens when you learn how to use FB, use Twitter, start Pinning, and spending time on the computer when you can!
STATS for 2-11-12

Isn't that crazy??? CRAZZZZYYY!

Starting a business with little resources is like playing baseball with only you covering the whole field. You are the pitcher, the catcher, the first base, the runner and the umpire. Your store will start to grow, although at a snail-pace. Be prepared to face a lot of challenges, and patience and a lot of hard work will be your best allies.

Most start-up entrepreneurs even find that they need to shift to a simpler lifestyle as all their resources are channeled into the business. Even your time for leisure will be dramatically cut. Be careful in protecting the trust and support that you have earned along the way.
Total devotion to your business, honesty and sincerity to the people that you deal with, will take you to higher levels and allow you to branch out in a matter of time. There will be a lot temptations and pitfalls that you need to be prepared for. Starting a business is a complicated process.

So lets recap with the Microscope:
1. Start. .Quit thinking about it and just do it. Set up your Etsy shop, or whatever place you decide.
2. Get your FB page started. Start Twittering, Pinterest, Instagram, your blog. TODAY.Invite your friends, neighbors and family members to your store with all the social media you can handle.
3. Make sure you are the BEST at what you do. Prove it with pictures.
4. Be passionate about your work, and share your joy thru your tweets, your FB, etc.
5. Repeat every day!

Here are some great sources for help you can find right here:

Good luck, and enjoy the process! It will change your life!
All the best,
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