Monday, February 15, 2010

Fabulous Favorites

Getting Back into the blogging thing has been an eye-opener in an unexpected way. No longer does one have to purchase magazines off the shelf for great style tips. Just follow a few blogs and -POOF- instant access to the latest urban styles. You know I love great vintageclothing paired with lets just say - wierd - color combinations.

This came from --really great European street styles.

Maybe a little more vintage is your style. It is mine! check out this beautiful dresser AND artist-

I couldn't leave the shoes out. You know I love green. I didn't know I loved green until I looked at my closet and noticed shirt after shirt in different shades of green. But I have yet to own a pair of green shoes.
You can find AMAZING vintage shoes at this website.. I book marked this site ladies!
Until Wednesday! Chow!
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