Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Latest Fetish

Ok. So I don't eat cake. I really don't
why?just  because.
But I can still look at it. And believe me, that's about all you need to do with these cakes, because they're so pretty who would dare to take a knife to this eye candy!
I met Collen Peck, owner of counterfitcakes. I was walking down the isles of hairbows, clothing, toys and tutu skirts when I saw these amazing cakes under beautifully displayed under lights and glass. I wasn't sure if they were real, but she explained they were made of fondant. Can you believe that- AND- you put them on your counter just to look at!
Now that's a fat free, gluten free, sodium free, flourless, sugar free cake!

Colleen was so nice- she said I looked famous! Ha! Imagine that?
Be sure to come back next week for another new friend.

does anyone remember Mary Engelbreit? isn't this one just a sweet whisper of her work years ago?


Mandy Buntjer said...

Lori- Thanks sooo much! It is always to fun to see who'll like my stuff....and I feel super happy when they are trendy and darling like you!! Erika at Becomingfrida told me that you had liked them and I was flattered! But also bummed that I missed meeting you and maybe doing some swapping!! So if you want more earrings (because I could never have enough) or want some for gifts I would LOVE to trade! Thanks a million!
Hoop-La Earrings

Mandy Buntjer said...

Oh and I LOVE COUNTERFITCAKES!! Her designs are the BEST!

Erin said...

Oh my gosh! Absolutely adorable! And who can forget Mary Engelbreit?! Too cute!

Martha anne said...

Oh all these cakes are adorable, along with all your head peices wow!

other-option said...

Stopping by from Blue Cricket Design to say hi! Love your Etsy shop designs.
- Danielle

Mary Brockway said...

These are AMAZING!!! Simply mah-vuh-lusss!

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